Save Co-Curriculars!!

Once again, NHBA & New Haven Schools Foundation are joining forces to supplement New Haven Unified School District’s Co-Curricular programs. We have scheduled a “volunteer recruitment meeting” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, at the District office. As you know, united with community help, the Foundation and the Boosters raised and donated $100,000 to the District last year to help fund stipends for after-school activities at James Logan High School, Alvarado Middle School and Cesar Chavez Middle school. This week they have committed to the same effort in 2012-13. AND if we exceed our $100,000 goal, we would like to help in other areas. We are currently planning a number of fund-raising events and are looking for 1) volunteers; 2) people like you, who can help recruit volunteers. Please join us, together we can accomplish anything!

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